Frequently Asked Questions

 What does the price include?
The price includes – car, driver, road taxes and fuel for transfer route.

 What am I supposed to do if there are changes in my flight details after I have already booked and paid for the transfer?
In this case you should send us an e-mail at with your booking code and the new flight details. If the correction causes any price changes – we will inform you via e-mail for changes.

What happens if I decide to cancel my booking but I have already paid for it?
If you cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the planned transfer time we will refund your money with bank transfer. Only 10% of the amount will be kept as cancellation fee. This is needed to cover the administrative taxes for the bank transfers. If you cancel your booking within a period less than 24 hours prior the scheduled transfer time, we will not refund the amount. The reason for this is that for this day one car and one driver are already booked for your transfer and we can not use them.

 How do you know that your company is offering the best prices?
We have our own car park, the web site is our property and there are no intermediaries between us and our clients. Each of our clients can get the same discounts as our partners.

 What happens when I finish the booking?
You will receive a confirmation by email till 24 hours after the request. The payment should be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

 How can I recognize the person who is meeting me at the airport?
When making the booking you will be asked for the full name. Your name will be printed on a label with which the driver, who will be doing the transfer, will wait for you at the arrivals hall of the airport.

 What happens if my flight arrives earlier/later than the time I have filled in the booking form?
We are checking the flight status at the airport’s web site regularly, so if there is information for any changes or delays we inform the driver who is supposed to meet you ASAP. This way he knows exactly when to be at the airport to meet you.

 What if there is nobody waiting for me at the airport?
If this happens, please, call us on +359899941404. We will contact the driver and call you back with information why this happened. Sometimes there are certain situations which do not depend on us and they could cause the delay (traffic jams, car accidents etc).

 How can I make a complaint or report a problem?
In situation like this, please send us an e-mail to Your case will be discussed and after our management make a decision, you will be compensated for the inconvenience.

 What should I do if I’m traveling with my child and I need a baby seat?
This is not a problem for us. Just send us an e-mail to to specify the child age and we will put a baby seat in the car for free. Just have in mind that a baby seat is counted as 1 regular seat in the car.

 I have already paid for a return transfer. What happens next?
When our driver meets you at the airport, he will be already informed that you have booked a return transfer. He will ask you for your flight details – date, time and number of flight, also he will specify the pick up point and time so that you can arrive in time for the check in opening.

 I would like to pay for my transfer in cash when I arrive. Is that possible?
Yes, it is possible if the cost of your transfer is at least 60 euro.

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