Eco and Sport Tourism


The popularity of Eco and Sport tourism increases not only in Bulgaria but also among foreigners who come to visit and explore Bulgaria.

Many people dream to conquer peaks in Bulgarian Mountains - Musala, Ruen, Botev, Okolchtsa;
- to explore waterfalls - Krushuna - one of the well known in Bulgaria with series of waterfalls - near Krushuna village in Northern Central Bulgaria, famous with picturesque landscape, formed by many travertines; 
- to discover caves -  Devetashka, Magura, Ledenika
- to go on a sightseeing tours in our cultural, historic and natural reserves

Holiday Trip can assist you in preparation of eco and sports programs which will include visits to mountain villages, eco-trails, climbing, hiking, to sports facilities where to freely practice your hobbies.

We offer transport for groups and idividual organized trips to places of the program "The Hundred Naional Tourist Sites" in Bulgaria.

Transport for different sized groups can be provided from our company to all desired road destinations. If your trip program takes several hours only , the transport vehicle waits for the group and returns it to the drop off point.