Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are a great part of our company's business. During summer seasons we operate at the..

Tourist Services

In addition to renting a vehicle from our company, we can assist and meditate with a lagre selection..

Buses for Trips

The world is in your hands! There might be a lots of places that you have not reached yet. Do not wait..

Excursions Abroad

1. Turkey - Istanbul - One or two day trip Visits of:  "Saint Sofia" or Chirch of the..

Local Excursions

1. Velingrad - 2 daysDay 1.  At arrival in Velingrad visit to the historic museum of Vela Peeva..

Тransport for children and students

It's higher responsibility when transporting children and students. Parents and comunity are extremely..

Specialized transportation for workers

Our company offers specialized transportation for workers and employees on a set schedule. We are..

Transportation for team buildings

One of the best investments for your business is the investment in your own team. And the best kind of..

Eco and Sport Tourism

The popularity of Eco and Sport tourism increases not only in Bulgaria but also among foreigners who..