Are you looking for hiring a van for different needs when you travel in the country and abroad? You can choose between small and big van with different capacity. The advantage of travelling with van is that when you travel you won’t feel how the time flies, you will travel quickly and comfortably. It’s a great option if you hire a van with experienced driver who will take you wherever you want, the van will be at your disposal.
        All the company’s vans are high quality brands- Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Because of the high security, comfort and modern design, “Holiday trip” uses them. We offer you vans with capacity from 8+1 to 21+1 places, all the vans are equipped with microphone, seatbelts for the passengers, CD, DVD, and some of them have TV and refrigerators.
        The vans are IRU categorized, an international categorization system and are suitable for children and students.

Mercedes Sprinter 215

Year: 2010
Place: 12+1

Extras: A/C, CD, DVD
Euro standart: Euro 5

Mercedes Sprinter 518

Year: 2008
Place: 21+1

Extras: A/C, CD, DVD, TV
Euro standart: Euro 4